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Greek food delight!!

Nov 01, 2012 -- 11:51am


Growning up in Detroit I used to eat Greek food on the regular. We have this section downtown called  " Greek Town" and the food is so good! Well, a few years ago I found a spot on University called Papa Gyros and I gotta say I was pretty impresed. Its a little spot but the food is so flavorful. Now I've told you all before that I'm a vegertarian and they have a really good veggie gyro and burger. There fries are everything! I'm not sure what they cook them in but they are made to perfection! The other day I stopped in and had some of their lentil and potato soup with slices of warm pita bread. It was the perfect meal for a slightly chilly day. So meat eaters an vegetarians if  you are ever in the mood for some good and different food stop by 4925 University Drive Northwest Huntsville, AL 35816‎. 


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My Italian Eats!

Oct 10, 2012 -- 11:06am

This week a few of my girls got together to catch up on life and the restuarant of choice was Carrabba's Italian Grill. I have only eaten there maybe twice since it came to Huntsville several years ago and I had no idea what to expect. I had to check the menu online before I got there, however I still had questions and was confused on what I was getting. I basically let my server decide for me. He did well. I had...

Once I picked out the huge picese of garlic..I went in!!! Before that I had the minestrone soup which is the best soup I've tasted in a long time! Their recipe wins!! Its very filling and tasty!

Overall I really enjoyed myself. The mix of my girls and good food is always a plus:) 


Cold Treats

Sep 26, 2012 -- 12:26pm

Mango sorbet with strawberries and peanuts in a waffle cup. Yum!!


I've heard so many good things about this ice cream so I had to try it! It's so good!! I had to force myself to not eat the entire container. 

While it's still warm out treat yourself with a tasty cold treat. I've been enjoying Maggie Moo's lately, but there are so many cool spots around town to try. These "create your own yogurt and ice cream" spots are the new it thing. Go forth and enjoy!!!


This is it!

Sep 17, 2012 -- 10:17am

You know when you take that first bite into your hopes and dreams of some good tasting food and you say " this is it!"  Well, two men in Atlanta took that phrase and opened up several soul food restuants with that name. I heard about this spot from a few friends, so when I was in Atlanta last week I had to see what IT was all about. As I pulled up I laughed  when I saw the 2 faces of these black men on the sign. but I was like I'm here so let' s see what IT is. I was with 2 of my home girls who were starving so I really hoped IT was in fact IT! When we walked in we were greeted with lots of love. The ambiance and the staff were on point!  I looked at the spread of food behind the glass and the menu choices above and I was like " Thank you Lord"  This  food was indeed food for the soul. I just knew it was going to be as good as it looked. 

It's not a buffet...I HATE THOSE!! It's order and serve. I ordered a whiting plate. I had to! I don't eat fish too often but it called my name. My side items included yams, green beans, and of course mac and cheese. I sat down, got my food, and took a bite.  Don't you know without even thinking I said "This is it!" That food was bangin! The whiting reminded me of the old Clems. My Huntsvlle heads know what I'm talking about!! I couldnt finish my plate and the next day I couldn't wait to get off work to eat my left overs. I killed it. If only Huntsville had a spot like "This Is It" I am still hoping and praying for that day!! So if you are ever in Atlanta check out "This Is It" because hat soul food most certainly is IT!!!

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New Spots...

Jul 29, 2012 -- 10:01pm

So this weekend I took the time to check out 2 new food spots in Madison. The first one was "Pie In the Sky" a franchise in only a few cities one being Nashville. Now you all know I LOVE pizza so my excitement was real as soon as I pulled up! The atmosphese of the place is really friendly and cool. Unfortunately, I had a bad server, but the other servers who picked up her slack were cool. They have a lot on their menu so I felt it best to stick with what I know and order a pizza with black olives, pineapples, and green peppers. This combination never fails me. Well never say never cause my pizza was not IT! smh! My sister and I ordered different halfs and both left one slice on the platter. I think we both got that far because we were so hungry and honestly felt it would get better....nope.

I will tell you this... I had a bangin strawberry smoothie that will have me going back. If i ever go to eat there again, I'll try something else but for now Donatos still wins!


While pulling up to "Pie in The Sky" I noticed another new spot "Smashburger" so after my sister and I finished our meal we walked over to check out the menu. I saw a veggie burger and was sold! I said "we"ll come back Sunday" and that is exactly what we did! I gotta say that food is very smashable! So much so, I forgot to take a picture of my burger. LOL! It was indeed yummy and I know a few people who have gone and had real meat and loved it too! So If you are hungry and want to try some new spots, head out to Madison where the new Target is and fill your tummy. There is also an Asian spot and a yogurt place out there. Food fun for all!


It's finally here!!

Jun 28, 2012 -- 8:56pm

I'll never forget the day I heard that Chipotle was coming to Huntsville. I had to find out when, and where. There was some confusion of its location when the news first hit, but I remember going over to Earth Fare and asking questions. Those people were looking at me like I was crazy, but I didnt care. I needed to know!

You see Chipotle is one of those spots that I travel for when nothing in the area can meet my need. I was introduced to it years ago in Maryland and it was love at first bite and that love has yet to fail me. There used to be a spot here named  Qdoba, which was very simular, and it did me well till that day they shut its doors for good right as me and the guys ( Ghon Bomb and Cheif Rocka) where headed there for lunch. That was a sad day for me and I think I shed a tear. Yea, its real out here for me and my food spots. So to hear Chipotle was coming was HUGE!

Well, months had passed and I refused to eat there till it came down the street and around the corner and I almost gave in a few times while traveling but nope I held stong till June 26th 2012, at 2:10pm, when I walked through the doors of its new location on University Drive next to Earth Fare. The line wasnt out the door like it had been earlier but there was a line, but when I got to the counter to make my order I knew all was well.


I got my order to go and went home. I had to get in my grubbing gear and tie my hair down because well.. it was about to go down! I was sooooo full but oh so satisfied with my vegetarian burrito. Here's what wont happen... I wont ware myself out going there, it will be treated as something special. A place that I will go to when I know nothing else will do, just as I've done in the past. Many people love it, some just like it, and others hate it. I'm just glad it's here! A new taste for these streets of Huntsville. If you havent been give it a try you may feel one of the 4 emotions I mentioned earlier. I hope you enjoy it though. Lord knows I do!! 


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