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It's finally here!!

Jun 28, 2012 -- 8:56pm

I'll never forget the day I heard that Chipotle was coming to Huntsville. I had to find out when, and where. There was some confusion of its location when the news first hit, but I remember going over to Earth Fare and asking questions. Those people were looking at me like I was crazy, but I didnt care. I needed to know!

You see Chipotle is one of those spots that I travel for when nothing in the area can meet my need. I was introduced to it years ago in Maryland and it was love at first bite and that love has yet to fail me. There used to be a spot here named  Qdoba, which was very simular, and it did me well till that day they shut its doors for good right as me and the guys ( Ghon Bomb and Cheif Rocka) where headed there for lunch. That was a sad day for me and I think I shed a tear. Yea, its real out here for me and my food spots. So to hear Chipotle was coming was HUGE!

Well, months had passed and I refused to eat there till it came down the street and around the corner and I almost gave in a few times while traveling but nope I held stong till June 26th 2012, at 2:10pm, when I walked through the doors of its new location on University Drive next to Earth Fare. The line wasnt out the door like it had been earlier but there was a line, but when I got to the counter to make my order I knew all was well.


I got my order to go and went home. I had to get in my grubbing gear and tie my hair down because well.. it was about to go down! I was sooooo full but oh so satisfied with my vegetarian burrito. Here's what wont happen... I wont ware myself out going there, it will be treated as something special. A place that I will go to when I know nothing else will do, just as I've done in the past. Many people love it, some just like it, and others hate it. I'm just glad it's here! A new taste for these streets of Huntsville. If you havent been give it a try you may feel one of the 4 emotions I mentioned earlier. I hope you enjoy it though. Lord knows I do!! 


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