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Jul 29, 2012 -- 10:01pm

So this weekend I took the time to check out 2 new food spots in Madison. The first one was "Pie In the Sky" a franchise in only a few cities one being Nashville. Now you all know I LOVE pizza so my excitement was real as soon as I pulled up! The atmosphese of the place is really friendly and cool. Unfortunately, I had a bad server, but the other servers who picked up her slack were cool. They have a lot on their menu so I felt it best to stick with what I know and order a pizza with black olives, pineapples, and green peppers. This combination never fails me. Well never say never cause my pizza was not IT! smh! My sister and I ordered different halfs and both left one slice on the platter. I think we both got that far because we were so hungry and honestly felt it would get better....nope.

I will tell you this... I had a bangin strawberry smoothie that will have me going back. If i ever go to eat there again, I'll try something else but for now Donatos still wins!


While pulling up to "Pie in The Sky" I noticed another new spot "Smashburger" so after my sister and I finished our meal we walked over to check out the menu. I saw a veggie burger and was sold! I said "we"ll come back Sunday" and that is exactly what we did! I gotta say that food is very smashable! So much so, I forgot to take a picture of my burger. LOL! It was indeed yummy and I know a few people who have gone and had real meat and loved it too! So If you are hungry and want to try some new spots, head out to Madison where the new Target is and fill your tummy. There is also an Asian spot and a yogurt place out there. Food fun for all!


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