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This is it!

Sep 17, 2012 -- 10:17am

You know when you take that first bite into your hopes and dreams of some good tasting food and you say " this is it!"  Well, two men in Atlanta took that phrase and opened up several soul food restuants with that name. I heard about this spot from a few friends, so when I was in Atlanta last week I had to see what IT was all about. As I pulled up I laughed  when I saw the 2 faces of these black men on the sign. but I was like I'm here so let' s see what IT is. I was with 2 of my home girls who were starving so I really hoped IT was in fact IT! When we walked in we were greeted with lots of love. The ambiance and the staff were on point!  I looked at the spread of food behind the glass and the menu choices above and I was like " Thank you Lord"  This  food was indeed food for the soul. I just knew it was going to be as good as it looked. 

It's not a buffet...I HATE THOSE!! It's order and serve. I ordered a whiting plate. I had to! I don't eat fish too often but it called my name. My side items included yams, green beans, and of course mac and cheese. I sat down, got my food, and took a bite.  Don't you know without even thinking I said "This is it!" That food was bangin! The whiting reminded me of the old Clems. My Huntsvlle heads know what I'm talking about!! I couldnt finish my plate and the next day I couldn't wait to get off work to eat my left overs. I killed it. If only Huntsville had a spot like "This Is It" I am still hoping and praying for that day!! So if you are ever in Atlanta check out "This Is It" because hat soul food most certainly is IT!!!

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