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Lost In Jo’burg

Apr 27, 2012 -- 3:31pm


Travelling in another country can be very stressful.  Heavy bags, passports, trying to comprehend a language not your own and exchanging currency all lend to elevated heart rates and tense moments.  We were quite exhausted coming from Capetown as we were so involved with taking in every good tourist attraction and buying African art that tempers got a little short.  Understandable, especially when a person battles jetlag and decides to stay up way past their bedtime. 

 We were to continue our South African mission in Jo’burg.  We wanted to take in as much as possible in Capetown, so our flight was scheduled for an early evening departure, which would put us on the ground about 10:30pm.  The cool part was being greeted by our driver with a clipboard that displayed “North Alabama”.  I might as well have been a Hollywood star.  Incidentally,  Denzell Washington’s movie, “Safe House’ was filmed in Capetown.  Tom Cruise has a house there, as well. 

 We loaded up the “kombi”, SA for a van, and headed out to our overnight destination.  If something is too good to be true, it probably is not.  The driver and his partner had driving directions, but could not follow them.  Had not these brothers heard of a GPS?  Mapquest?  We were lost on the interstate, the M2.  Of course the driver called someone to get him to the proper exit.  Once on the exit, the challenge was now which direction to go.  South Africa is trying to implement the automatic pay toll system.  Your vehicle would have a tag in the windshield, which would be detected and then deduct from your account the proper toll amount.  The system is under court challenge because many people feel that it is a way of segregating the rich from the poor.  More on those issues to come.

The Lost Driver and Robin now were looking for someone to ask for help. The women in the kombi were happy he stopped at a gas station.  Ladies, the gas station is not always the best place to stop.  The gas station attendants pointed us to the right area, but not to our destination.  That was left to the next gas station we went to.  Only, they could not help us either.  Where is the cell phone my friends gave us?  Let us call our American contact for help.  Sorry, no answer and no call back, either.  A call was placed and answered by one of our SA contacts and my friend.  He tried his best to help the driver to no avail, either.  Crap!!

Just then, a police car rolled in front of our path.  I have never chased a police car before. Usually, I am running from them, just kidding!  GOD once again intervened in a dilemma and the officers got us to our destination. 

Why did Meta World Peace get suspended?  I know how he felt right before that elbow flew.


            Peace and Love!!

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