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Travelling Around Johannesburg

Apr 29, 2012 -- 4:50pm


I received a message on Facebook asking for pictures of South Africa.  Where there not enough photos on my page to suit their fancy?  Perhaps, the photos did not depict the stereotypical images some of us have of Africa?  For the uninformed, please allow me to educate you.

            South Africa is one of the world’s largest economies and the largest economy on the continent.  The Dutch played a major role in the development of the country with the founding of Capetown.  European tradesmen were looking for a route to the East.  The beauty and ease of approach made the farthest most Southwestern part of the continent attractive to explorers.  There are several stories one may find out about from an encyclopedia (What’s that?) or Google.

            The Rainbow Nation was the host country for the World Cup of Soccer/Football in 2010, the first time the event was ever held on the continent.  As with the Olympic Games, large investments were made in the infrastructure of the country.  Soccer stadiums, hotels, bus and train lines and roadways were just a few of the benefits added to the landscape that are now enjoyed by the citizens.

            My photos depict a fast-growing nation with a skyline that mimics any found in America.  The jungle, or bush, does not reside in the city or townships.  Please see my Facebook page in future days if you want to see the poverty that exists.  Do people want to see poverty?  Will that make you feel better about your station in life?  Go around the United States for that.  In South Africa, many have a goal of lifting all the boats from poverty by assuring everyone has a fair chance at success in life. 

            In travelling around, we are treated to super highways, as well as, roads congested as any you may find in America.  If you should choose to drive in South Africa, please obey the speed limit.  There are traffic cameras located throughout the city and the police will chase you down.  Tickets are still cheap, as my boy Paul will tell you.  Speeding is about a $20 fine.  There is not a penalty for accumulation of too many tickets, so Paul pays for about 2 tickets per month.

            Which reminds me.  The national currency is the Rand.  7.4 Rand equal 1 dollar.  The buying power is significant, and merchants do take dollars like in most parts of the world.  As Chris reminded me, taking care of your passport is paramount.  You cannot leave the country or get into the United States without a passport.  If you are a citizen of the United States, please obtain a passport.  Never mind a driver’s license, a passport is the way to go.  A joy in life for me is showing my passport to someone in America and hearing them say, “Ain’t you got a Driver’s License?”

            I then say, “No. Why? That proves who I am and where I belong.”

            Folks just lose their cotton-picking minds!

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